• Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel
  • Syngrou Avenue 89-93, Athens, 11745, Greece

The American–Hellenic Chamber of Commerce with the strategic partnership of the American Chambers of Cyprus and Israel and under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, has successfully organized the 1st Litter Free Eastern Mediterranean Forum (LFEMF) on September 21, 2022 titled: “Shaping partnerships for a sustainable future” in hybrid format. LFEMF 2022 serves as a platform of open discussion, dialogue and exchange of views, proposals, latest technologies and best practices, on vital issues regarding litter pollution mainly from plastic which affects the Mediterranean’s marine ecosystem.

The forum presented ways to limit marine pollution by calling companies to explore and implement innovative environmental solutions, and citizens to adopt and promote a litter free environmental mindset. The emphasis was given on setting the foundations for the maintenance of a sustainable ecosystem that will evolve Eastern Mediterranean countries.

LFEMF 2022 hosted several key local and international governmental, business leaders and organizations with a view to develop a significant platform for regional collaboration, to enhance environmental agility, create strategic business partnerships, and promote policies, actions, and best practices for a clean Mediterranean Sea with the support of all involved countries and businesses.

AmChamGR anticipates organizing annually LFEMF with the participation of more Mediterranean countries joining each year. The goal is to engage as many regional AmChams down the road, create new regional business collaboration and demonstrate the AmChams network capabilities in mobilizing stakeholders in addressing major challenges.





Christos Ioakeimidis, Associate Programme Management Officer, UNEP/MAP- MED POL
Christina Zeri, Chemist-Oceanographer, Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)
Ethan Edson, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Ocean Diagnostics
Elia Nikitopoulou, External Affairs Officer, Blue Cycle
Loukas Kontogiannis, Head, Marine Pollution, Subdivision for Protective Measures, Marine Environment Division, International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Dr. Pascalis Kastanas, Market Sustainable Packaging Manager, Nestlé
Ilias Grampas, Deputy Director, European Bureau for Conservation and Development (EBCD), Secretariat of the European Parliament Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development”
Emmanuelle Maire, Circular Economy, Sustainable Production & Consumption Unit, European Commission
Dr. Angeliki Kosmopoulou, Executive Director, Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation
Despina Symons, Director, European Bureau for Conservation & Development (EBCD)
Juan Bofill, Senior Water Engineer in the Water Management Division, European Investment Bank (EIB)