Why Join the Chamber

Once a Member, Always a Member!

How the Chamber helps you and your business_

As one of the oldest and most influential business organizations in Greece, the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce is a strong advocate for the interests of its members.

The Chamber champions trade and investment between Greece and the United States; advocates on behalf of its members for a strong, fair, and competitive economy in Greece; promotes legislative reform in Greece that provides for a flexible labor environment, smart regulations, a stable, fair taxation system, good governance practices in both the public and private sector, a responsive education system, R&D, investment, and an open economy; and advocates for policies that encourage entrepreneurship, employment, and sustainable economic development.Through its targeted events, the Chamber engages stakeholders focusing on solutions, not simply talking.

We’re interested in results that matter_

Engage at the highest levels of the private and public sectors
Network amongst the most prominent companies
Grow your business via developing new partnerships 

10 Reasons to Join the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce_

  1. Develop your business_ promote your company to AmCham members and U.S. companies present in Greece
  2. Support your interests_ be part of AmCham Greece’s intense advocacy efforts towards a better business environment
  3. Increase your visibility through strategic sponsorship_ gain exclusive exposure through key sponsorship packages
  4. Get out and about_ meet the decision-makers who count and increase your access to business and political leaders
  5. Keep up to date_ meet high-level company representatives attending our content-driven events on pertinent Greek and global issues
  6. Profile your company_ act as a speaker or sponsor at one of our events or media campaigns
  7. Knowledge sharing_ keep abreast with the latest developments and share your insights with our online resources and publications
  8. Mingle with movers and shakers in the U.S. business community_ network with key U.S. executives at our events
  9. Access to AmCham resources_ consult our expanding online resources in our members-only section of the AmCham website
  10. Get involved with our committees_ share your voice—and ideas—with our committees

Benefits of Membership

Members of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce are at the forefront of business and commercial developments and enjoy multiple advantages. Each member has access to and benefits from advocacy, connection, policy making, influence, trade assistance and corporate branding.


The Chamber is a strong advocate for the interests of its members. Through position papers, direct engagement, and specialized events, the Chamber acts on behalf of its members to advocate policy, reform, and new legislation.


Chamber members have the opportunity to network at all appropriate levels. The Chamber hosts high-level business and government leaders, from Greece and the United States, at events where Chamber members have the opportunity to discuss topics directly related to their businesses. In addition, Chamber members regularly have the opportunity to network among themselves, creating new relationships important for business development.

Policy Making

The Chamber addresses developments through its sector oriented or business interest committees. Committees comprised of Chamber membership companies executives, develop white papers, propose events, and conduct a dialogue with representatives from the public and private spheres.


The Chamber maintains an open dialogue with the Greek government, the opposition parties, the Embassy of the United States in Athens, and the United States Consulate in Thessaloniki. The Chamber leadership, as well as Chamber members, interface with government representatives to present Chamber positions, follow policy developments, and foresee trends.

Corporate Branding

Chamber members enhance their profile through sponsorship opportunities. They are eligible for participating in committees, working groups and task forces to form official AmCham positions on policy issues, as well as in leadership positions within AmCham management group.They inforce their visibility within Amcham website and publications.

Trade Assistance

TradeUSA is to serve as a forum for pivotal issues regarding bilateral trade between the U.S. and Greece to monitor developments, recommend actions and initiatives, and to develop export expertise.