Chamber Publications

Chamber publications are the primary interface tools of American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.
In 2009 The Chamber Press was launched, a publishing imprint that provides a strong identity to all publications of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and unifies formal communication material issued by the Chamber. The Chamber Press imprint is attached to periodicals, directories, newsletters, position papers, books, and other printed and electronic material produced by the Chamber.
The Chamber publishes Business Partners, a bi-monthly magazine, an annual Business and Members’ Directory, and brochures, studies, and position papers related to Chamber events and committees.

Business Partners magazine is the flagship medium that is sent to all Chamber members, the local and international business community, diplomatic corp and government officials, as well to subscribers in Greece to the International New York Times.

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce strives for continuous improvement of American-Hellenic commercial and financial relations, through increased membership and through the organization of top-quality events, exhibitions, fora, seminars, and congresses on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Annual Directory of the Chamber is one of the most reliable sources of information used by professionals to identify new business relationships, new suppliers and new services.

We thank the ACS Postal Services company for kindly sponsoring the distribution of the Chamber Directory 2024.



Quality Internship Guide

The Quality Internship Guide

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and its Employment Committee have been organizing since 2016, specially designed skills labs and networking events for young people, aiming to give them a competitive advantage in today’s demanding job market. To this end, AmChamGR Employment Committee initiated the Quality Internship Guide. The Guide showcases the importance of internship role and promotes dialogue among stakeholders, academia and businesses in order to bridge the gap between the educational and business communities.

The Quality Internship Guide aims to encourage more companies to adopt internship programs in an effort to attract youth talent and become more competitive, especially in the post-Covid era.

The Startup Toolkit

AmChamGR Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ΕΙΕ) Committee initiated the Startup Toolkit in 2014 to develop the business skills of the startup community. Through various roadshows thereafter, experts in their fields- members of the EIE Committee- have constantly updated its content in order to meet the market needs. The purpose of this toolkit is to analyze key entrepreneurship issues and dimensions through a simple, concise, and enlightening way.

The up-and-coming entrepreneurs- whether they are postgraduate students or beginning entrepreneurs-gain knowledge and broaden their perspectives through the toolkit informative content, to save time and money but also avoid frustration during their first steps of their endeavors. Structured in a way to present a logical continuum, the startup toolkit has become a useful aid to those who decide to engage in the field of business.

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and its committees present their annual positions and recommendations for 2023.

The role of the white paper of each committee is to highlight the short- and long-term reforms each sector needs for the development of a new and modern productive and economic model in Greece, that will guarantee the country’s dynamic and sustainable growth for many years.