• Hilton Athens Hotel
  • Vasilissis Sofias 46, Athens, 11528, Greece
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Inclusive cultures create true augmented value in every business aspect: from efficiency, innovation and growth, to job satisfaction, fulfillment and respect for human potential. It is people who make the difference, and it is always people who create wonders, breakthroughs and unprecedented results.

The 3rd WIB Forum, Diversity & Inclusion: Breaking Barriers to Break Through, will focus on the ways in which diversity & inclusion can create more value for organizations, and on how decision makers can inspire their people to reach for more of their potential, no matter their age and gender. Join us on November 25 to hear noteworthy speakers who have a story to tell about breaking glass ceilings, challenging myths about gender and age, and bringing valuable and useful insights on embracing diversity and inclusion.

Venue Location

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