The Headwinds conference will be an impactful celebration of AmChamGR’s 20-year contribution to the Greek Sustainability ecosystem, addressing the most critical emerging challenges and highlighting the effective response to them.

Headwinds represent the turbulent global conditions that challenge our path to sustainability. Headwinds are a symbol of the extreme weather phenomena resulting from climate change as well as the stormy social conditions driven by global geopolitics, war, pandemic, humanitarian crisis, energy prices and green energy transition, food scarcity and price volatility and the threats to diversity and inclusion. These are the challenging weather conditions that business and private citizens alike must endure, adapt to and persevere.

Throughout its 20-year journey to sustainability, AmChamGR consistently aims at generating impact from purpose. Moving beyond declarations of intent, the Chamber is committed to effectively contributing to change through its members. The Headwinds conference outcomes will be followed up as part of the Chamber’s policy papers for advocating policy change towards the generation of long-term societal value.

More Information

Angela Boyatzis,, tel: 210 699.3559 ext. 21