The US market is the largest, most dynamic and diverse market in the world, consisting of 325 million consumers and presenting the highest household spending globally; however, new entrants need to recognize that every USA state is different with its own unique profile.

To address the need for in-depth information, the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and its International Trade Department “TradeUSA” introduced a new series of webinars to provide useful insights per State that will assist exporting firms in their business endeavors. The TradeUSA “State-by-State Insights” series kicked off on Thursday, May 20 with the analysis of the States of Texas, California, New Mexico.




I appreciate the opportunity to discuss construction growth in Texas. Tremendous potential exists for bilateral business development between Greece and the US—particularly in the State of Texas. We have well-established Greek communities all over Texas, and we look forward to further pursuing mutually-beneficial interests with our friends in Greece.”

Corbin Van Arsdale
President and General Counsel

Associated General Contractors (AGC)–Texas Building Branch



“Texas continues to be a top destination for restaurant growth, primarily because of its favorable business climate. Consumers have become accustomed to convenience, and they will continue to expect that of their restaurants both new and old, from quick service to fine dining.”

Anna Tauzin
Chief Revenue & Innovation Officer

Texas Restaurant Association



“It is an exciting time for Greece and Greek wines in the US and it’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss the state of the wine market and the opportunities for growth that lay ahead of Greek wines and other agriculture-based products which are a fantastic vehicle for the US consumer to learn more about Greece and it allows Greece to expand its cultural footprint in the US market.”

Ted Diamantis

Diamond Wine Importers

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