• The Met Hotel
  • 26ης Οκτωβρίου 48, Θεσσαλονίκη, 546 27, Ελλάδα

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (AmChamGR) and the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy to Greece and in strategic partnership with the Atlantic Council and the Global Energy Institute of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have organized the 7th Southeast Europe Energy Forum (SEEF2023) on Τuesday, November 7, 2023, at the MET Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece.

SEEF2023 brought together the energy stakeholders of the SE Europe region, major policy-makers, think tanks and opinion makers, market leaders, bankers, analysts, and energy experts from the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Med countries who presented and discussed the prospects of the dynamic energy sector in the wider region of SE Europe in light of all the latest geopolitical developments and the technological breakthroughs as well.

The topics reviewed at this forum concern the energy sector in Southeast Europe. Every company or institution thoroughly discussed and showcased their perspectives and plans towards the development of the energy sector. It was a common ground for everyone to share their policies and intentions for cooperation.

Sustainable and innovative energy investments with a focus on renewable energy and decarbonization technologies are necessary to be prioritized. Another topic widely examined was the need for electricity connectivity as a means of promoting green energy and diversification of energy sources. Southeast Europe was stated to be center for green energy, hydrogen supply corridors and offshore wind energy. The infrastructure is being expanded contributing to Europe’s energy independence. For example, natural gas pipelines (IGB), liquefied natural gas trucks (FSRU) and liquefied natural gas (ING) pumps are being constructed to assure the adequacy of energy within the region. An extended cooperation among the countries should be tried to combat major energy issues. Technological innovations in the energy sector should be another aspect to take into consideration especially in revolutionizing the maritime industry.

All these topics were discussed considering the geopolitical developments and technological innovations in the energy sector.