The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce hosted a digital discussion about the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and the immediate crisis in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, an industry of high performance. A fruitful discussion among the speakers focused on the global economic distress of numerous companies despite their opening for the tourism period and state financial support. It is commonly acknowledged that this epidemic has introduced many variables that are currently affecting the prospects of the Ho.Re.Ca. business. The speakers highlighted the needs of hotel and food industry (restaurants and catering), the new consumer trends, the domestic producers and distributors response, as well as the emergence of social initiatives by major Greek companies. Primary purpose of the Greek government is the companies’ empowerment in order to overcome these obstacles to strengthen the role of the Ho.Re.Ca. industry as a dynamic pillar for the Greek economy and competitiveness in the post Covid-19 era.

COVID-19 impact on food sector | Presentation by Alexis Damalas