Founded in 1875 in Smyrna as the American Collegiate Institute for Women, Τhe American College of Greece is renowned for its long tradition of providing quality education and fostering cultural exchange. Its relocation to Greece in 1923 highlighted its resilience and commitment to continuing its mission even under the most adverse conditions. This year, Τhe American College of Greece celebrates 100 years of operation in Greece. This 100th anniversary is not only a recognition of its historical importance but also a testament to ACG’s continuing contribution to education and intercultural understanding, as well as an opportunity to reflect on the school’s journey and its impact on the lives of countless people over the years.


Non ministrari sed ministrare

Rescued from the flames of the Smryna Catastrophe, Principal McCallum and her staff were given the green light by the Greek government to erect a school in Greece. On October 15, 1923, the American Junior College was reborn. Its goal, as set out in the prospectus, was to be “tolerant, truly Christian and thoroughly constructive in developing in its students the desire for united service to humanity.”

From that moment, ACG has been on a remarkable journey of growth, transformation, and service. Over the past century, the school has evolved and adapted to the changing educational landscape, responding to the needs of students and the broader community—the oldest and largest US-accredited college or university in Europe.

ACG’s story continues to unfold today, as each day, over 7,500 students from kindergarten to graduate school pass through the school’s gates to learn and discover. Every student, every parent, and every staff member is part of that story, building on the past and contributing to the future of ACG by staying true to the founders’ commitment to providing high-level education and promoting intellectual and cultural cooperation between Greece and the United States.

A student at the gate of the old ACG campus in Elliniko

Five schoolgirls and their teacher, Miss Dorothy Goodenough, in the Paleo Faliro building, observing the sky through a telescope

Into the Future

The American College of Greece’s mission is the unwavering commitment to add distinctive and sustainable value to students, Greece, American education, Hellenic heritage, and the global community through transformative teaching, scholarship, and service.

Born out of the need to make a difference in society, The American College of Greece has committed to leveraging education for individual, economic, cultural, and social impact.

The College’s steadfast vision is embodied in the ACG 150 strategic plan, which aims to help Greece’s best future become a reality. Through the creation and development of institutes and centers of excellence, the plan aims to position the College as a unique educational resource to support the holistic development of students as well as Greece’s comprehensive wellbeing and to promote Hellenic values and traditions in the years to come.

From Asia Minor to Athens, from kindergarten to higher education, and from now to the future, ACG continues to shape a 360° perspective of the world. For a better tomorrow. For individuals. For the economy. For society.

The first building that housed the American Junior College for Girls, in Paleo Faliro (October 1923)

Gymnastics demonstrations at the ACG campus in Elliniko


Aspect of the 240-acre Deree campus in Agia Paraskevi

Save the Date

The College’s highly anticipated Centennial Gala, where ACG will commemorate a century of rich history in Greece, will take place on December 1, 2023.