Keeping up with today’s rapidly changing labor market can be daunting, but staying current with the latest trends and developments is key to staying competitive and getting ahead. With its new initiative, the Chamber’s Employment Committee looks at the challenges ahead and invites the AmCham family to join its effort to enhance the labor market in Greece.

Everything changes. From working conditions and health statistics to behaviors and attitudes, cultures, learning patterns, lifestyles, beliefs, climate conditions, and everything in between. Everything is under constant reassessment. Everyone is participating more and more in the working life cycle, from as young as 15 to well past 70. Meanwhile, everyone feels intimidated and strives to become more visible through social media. This is often done rather superficially, without much thought given to the information shared. And there are times too when people are influenced by fake news, pointing to less developed critical thinking skills.

Employment is changing rapidly and it requires human capital to adapt

Honest dialogue, authenticity, negotiation, and true convergence on values and principles are not top of the agenda. The increase in remote and hybrid working is linked with a significant increase in multitasking and a limiting impact on quality professional and personal time. Focus is still considered the new IQ, especially as we are constantly barraged with needless social media interruptions.

The Employment Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce feels duty bound to keep Business Partners readers updated and informed on developments and issues in the labor market—including current skills gaps, rising trends and a variety of other matters key to ensuring the market’s strength and productivity—as well as to encourage better employment practices. This won’t be an easy task, but we are confident that there are many of us, not just Employment Committee members, who are willing to join this effort and contribute to it from different perspectives. Comments and points of view as well as objections supported by data are more than welcome.

Employment is changing rapidly, and it requires human capital to adapt. Is it easy? Is it feasible? How can we help the Chamber’s members? How can we contribute to a healthy and dynamic labor market in our country? How can we unlearn and relearn and indeed learn more and faster than before? Let’s start the discussion.



The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Employment Committee

The Employment Committee’s mission is to contribute to the development of solutions for the immense challenges facing employment and the labor market in Greece today. We do this by functioning as a hub for the exchange of insights and the development of new ideas and by fostering novel approaches, supporting dynamic collaborations and promoting practical solutions to key issues such as unemployment, skills mismatch and brain drain. Working through surveys, publications, partnerships with key organizations, workshops, and other initiatives, we advance and enhance efforts to create new, quality jobs that will unleash the Greek workforce’s potential.