The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to host the AmChams in Europe (ACE) 2023 Best Practice Sharing Conference. Held on September 27-29 in the historic city of Athens, the capital of Greece, this year’s conference also holds the 60th anniversary of AmChams in Europe, marking the milestone with a special ceremony celebrating and honoring the history and accomplishments of the ACE community.


Over the past 60 years, AmChams in Europe members have been pivotal in promoting business and economic relations between the United States and their respective European countries. This dynamic umbrella network has played a crucial role in today’s globalized world by facilitating trade, investment, and networking opportunities for businesses, both US and local, in the countries where they operate. From promoting bilateral trade and investment to advocacy and policy influence, from facilitating networking and business development to supporting market entry and expansion, and from its role in knowledge sharing and information dissemination in terms of best practices, cultural exchange, technology, innovation, and CSR initiatives to its work on crisis management and support, ACE plays a vital role in supporting economic growth, fostering international relations, and driving business development in today’s interconnected global economy.

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce is very proud to be a part of the ACE community, as our joint activities contribute to building bridges between nations and creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in international markets.

– Nikolaos Bakatselos, President, AmCham Greece


It is a great pleasure for me and my colleagues to extend a warm welcome to all the distinguished ACE representatives joining us in Athens this September for the  annual ACE Best Practice Conference and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our organization. The enduring strength and vitality of the ties within our network, as well as our community’s continued devotion to progress, opening new paths, and leading the way to a new era, have shaped ACE into the dynamic and reliable business association that it is today. At the same time, the collaborative efforts of our respective Chambers through this community have been instrumental in driving economic growth, innovation, and job creation in all our countries.

This September, we are gathering in Athens to exchange best practices and discuss and address the pressing issues and challenges facing us all today. These challenges are not insurmountable; they are opportunities for innovation and growth. The 2023 Best Practice Sharing Conference offers us a platform to share our experiences and insights, develop new ideas, identify solutions to challenges, and explore opportunities for collaboration and avenues for mutual growth and prosperity. Together, we have the power to enhance our respective economies and contribute to the broader global community.

– Elias Spirtounias, Executive Director, AmCham Greece


With an exciting conference agenda that includes a diverse mix of talks, workshops, dialogues, awards, and celebrations, AmCham Greece welcomes representatives of the ACE community to Athens to exchange best practices, share insights and explore possibilities and prospects for collaborations and synergies.

AmCham Greece is a proud member of the AmChams in Europe network, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary. Established in 1963, AmChams in Europe (ACE) serves as the umbrella organization for 49 American Chambers of Commerce from 47 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia. The United States and Europe are each other’s largest trading partners and make up the world’s largest and wealthiest market. ACE represents the interest of more than 17,000 US and European companies, employing 20 million workers and accounting for more than $1.1 trillion in investments on both sides of the Atlantic.

Representing the interests of US investors in Europe and European companies investing in the US, AmChams in Europe pursues its mission to communicate the importance of the transatlantic economy in both Europe and the United States, provide a forum for discussion, debate, and where necessary, representation on issues relevant to the European and transatlantic business environment, and develop and support a network of AmChams across the wider European area committed to the exchange of best practices among member AmChams. Through its work, ACE is committed to continuing the facilitation of strong, constructive and positive international relations and to creating a network of mutual cooperation that benefits everyone.


2023 Conference Highlights

  • Gala dinner to celebrate 60 years of AmChams in Europe, held at the Acropolis Museum
  • Welcome reception hosted by the United States Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic
  • Reception hosted by the Mayor of Athens at Athens City Hall
  • Meetings with government officials
  • Networking sessions



  • Established in 1963
  • 17,000 US and European companies
  • 20 million employees
  • $1.1+ trillion in investment on both sides of the Atlantic